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May 01, 2019    |   By Will
Eternal Golden Hours
courtesy of Veronica & Tony

Golden, with a hint of coral sunlight, to a pop of evening skies and divine moments were all the ingredients to the making of Veronica and Tony’s love story in Bali. We followed this pair just like the the sun that slowly descended into one blissful occasion. And in fact, we had one of our most enjoyable moments basking in the shared love for this couple.


As the cute couple that they are, Veronica and Tony has their own love dynamic that was refreshing to see. Speaking in a love language of their own, this celebration was actually quite simple yet intimate and big in its own way. Friends and family more than just gathered, but also took part in each step, giving such a personal flair that made this one extra special for all.


In many ways, we love the idea of making the small things count. It is the concept of putting everything to its fullest potentials. In the short hours that Veronica and Tony had, it was put to the sincerest form of ceremonies and celebrations. In the brief sunset of vow exchange and friendship at display, it’s a parade of purest love they both will ever so cherish.


It’s the same with us as we tried our best to capture each defining moments, turning it into precious memories for many years to come. Because the day may have come to an end, but that glistening ray of golden sun deserves to live forever.


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