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Jan 21, 2019    |   By Ray
Blessed Eternal Summer
courtesy of Mr Suparsono & Mrs Lindratini Samabe
Of all the my decisions I made in life, The best one is making you my wife.

On the surface, humans may seem like very complicated creatures. We are driven by ambitions, powered by emotions and constantly in search of definitions. But strip away all those elements, humans can be one of the most simple natural beings. It all boils down to one thing and one thing only : to love and be loved.


This couple in feature in their 50th wedding anniversary in Bali is a special one. And their testament of love further proves the above point to be accurate.


Mr. Suparsono and Mrs. Lindratini is a prominent couple as well as the owner of few prestigious establishments in Bali. They’re the people behind the Samabe brand, among other amazing and culturally-centered ones. Upon one look you’d know, this is the pair who has it all and blessed with abundance of many kinds in life.


But take away all the status, all the fame, all the glam, this couple repeats but one simple mindset : gratitude. Radiating with love, their sense of thankfulness showed in how they treat one another, how they value God, and how it’s passed down and emulates by their next generations.


50 years is definitely not a short time. Being together for more than half their lives, you may think that they’d reach the peak and has seen it all. But somehow we have a feeling, these lovebirds are barely just started.




Ray Kho.


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